Question about Gemtune amplifier

Question 1:What is the best speaker to use with tube amplifier?  

Answer 1: For Gemtune X-1,GS-02,GS-01,BL-02,GP-01, they could hook up to speakers with about 100w power and 88db sensitivity. The higher sensitivity is the better. the speakers should be passive with impedance 4/6/8 ohm.


Question 2:How to hook up to a turntable? 

Answer 2: A turntable usually produce PHONO output signal. This phono signal needs to be converted  to a LINE LEVEL signal (sometimes referred to as AUX signal) to work with tube amp. 

If your turntable has a built-in phono preamp, you could use it with tube amp directly, if not, you need to 

add another phono preamp. 


Question 3:What are the available audio sources for the amp? 

Answer 3: The best audio source is CD player. turntable, computer, Bluetooth receiver or  other digital player is available.

To get better sound effect for those digital-output devices, please use a DAC to convert digital signal to analog signal.


Question 4:May I add another pre amp and use this amp as a main amp?  

Answer 4:Yes, but it may get distorted when you turn it loud.   


Question 5:Can I connect to a CD player and turntable at the same time? 

Answer 5: Yes, you could add a ‘Y’ splitter to connect them at the same time (run one at a time) 


Question 6:Can this connect to another separate power amp? 

Answer 6:No, it can’t 


Question 7:Can I replace the original tubes? 

Answer 7: Yes. 300B EL34 KT88 can only be replaced by same model number tubes. 

5Z4P/5V4 /U4C /5U4M can replace each other

6N9P /6H9C/6SL7/5691 can replace each other

5Z3P/274B/5U4G can replace each other

6N8P/6H8C/6SN7/CV181 can replace each other


Question 8:What are the VUeters? 

Answer 8:The UV meters are used to represent the total output power. When the speakers get louder, the UV meters moves much.

In general, when you turn the volume button to 2 o’clock, the UV meters move half way.


Question 9:My speakers lost left/right channel when using, what can I do? 

Answer 9:Please change another audio source and audio cable to see if it solved,

if not please refer step 2 Please exchange the left and right same model tubes to see if the losing channel has changed to the other.

If yes , one tube is defective. If not ,please follow step 3

Please switch the left and right speaker. if the losing channel changed,the speaker might be defective.


Question 10:My tube amp producing a buzzing noise when using, what can I do?

Answer 10: In general, this happens when the tubes and socket have a contact problem. So we suggest you to unplug the tube and plug them into again.

It was might caused by the signal cable between the amp and speaker  or audio source and amp.  So we suggest you to unplug the  signal cable and plug them tight again.


Question 11:What kind of wire to connect to the speaker/audio sources?  

Answer 11:For speaker: RCA or standard speaker wire 

                  For audio source: 3.5mm audio cable 


Question 12:Does the amp have pre amp/post amp   

Answer 12:Yes, X-1,BL-02.GS-01.GS-02,GP-01 all have built in pre amp and post amp


Question 13:Does the amp class A/ integrated/single ended?  

Answer 13:X-1,BL-02.GS-01.GS-02,GP-01 are all class A ,single ended and integrated.


Question 14:Can your amps connect to headphones?

Answer 14:No. 


Question 15:Is the amp self-biasing?

Answer 15:All class A tube amplifiers are self-biasing

X-1,BL-02.GS-01.GS-02,GP-01 are self-biasing.


Question 16:Does the pre amp active or passive? 

Answer 16:X-1,BL-02.GS-01.GS-02,GP-01 the pre amp is active.